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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Wedding Bands

Do you have a wedding on the horizon?

Planning for your wedding is one of the special lifetime moments you will share with your spouse, while your close friends and relatives help you.

It also is one of the most potentially stressful things you will face in your life together. You may be working towards something simple or something elaborate, either way you cannot go about it without a to-do list.

It is easy to forget something without a list. Similarly, you can easily rush through these things and not find a moment to stop and savour everything.

Choosing the perfect wedding bands is one of the significant details not worth overlooking.

Avoid waiting until the last minute and find yourself picking bands in a rush. What you have will be tangible elements that have a lasting impact when you recall your marriage event.

Finding a simple wedding band process is key.

Below are 5 tips that will help make things easy for you when choosing your wedding bands.

The wedding bands

What you pick should be something that you gravitate toward individually and as a couple. Take the time to discuss the metals you like and if you would want to include stones.

Go over the style you want, is it elaborate or simplistic? If you are thinking of diamonds, then keep the 4Cs at the back of your mind.

Also, allow your current and projected lifestyle after you are wedded inform your decision.

Wedding celebrant Margaret Milne says that wearing the ring will most likely be a daily thing, that is why it should not be a band that catches on your clothes or feels uncomfortable. She adds “if you settle for something ornate style with lots of details, then it is wise to consider wearing the ring during special occasions.”

Set a budget

You need to have a budget that will inform your purchase power when it comes to acquiring fine jewellery.

You should include the wedding band in the overall budget for the wedding expenses. Remember what you are to buy will be a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, a purchase to last a lifetime shared with your better half.

That is why it should be held with high esteem, perhaps higher than what you have for your planned cupcake tower or top-shelf champagne. The costs for the rings will vary depending on various factors that include the metal of choice if the bands are inlaid, and the type of stones you want.

To match or not to match?

No rules exist that say you should pick matching wedding bands, explains experienced celebrant Jermaine Clarke. He adds “the ideal approach to deciding on what to choose is to take into consideration your individual tastes and lifestyles and then find similarities that will influence what you get.”

The size will differ since a lady’s ring will be slightly slimmer in width than that of the man. Moreover, the hand size will be a factor worth noting.

And if she wants a more embellished design that will complement her engagement ring and the guy does not fancy jewellery, they still can comprise. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to find one or two elements of the wedding band that will match on both so that they can tie them together visually. It can be the design, stones, inscriptions, or metals.

Make it fun

With an exclusive tip, celebrant Darran Moran says you should use the opportunity to shop for your wedding rings as a bonding experience. He adds “shop as a couple. It will be a nice break from the hectic wedding planning. It should be a special time for the two of you. Looking back you ‘ll see just how close your bond was that you were shopping for a band together.”

A time to go and grab lunch and enjoy some wine and a hearty dinner. You should take your time to research your options but ensure that you do not start the process late.

Begin early, and you will be relaxed when shopping for the wedding bands, and it can turn into a romantic experience leading up to the big day. You will cherish the moments spent together shopping for the band whenever you look at your rings and reminisce about your wedding.


If you have acquired the rings days before the awaited ceremony, then you should ensure that they are kept in a safe place both of you know. They should stay there until you hand them over to the attendant that will hand them over during the ceremony.

And if you want to take off the bands after the wedding, then make sure you keep them safe. Avoid taking off the rings at or next to a sink. Also, do not think of doing this if you are away from home so that you do not misplace the wedding bands.

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Written by: Luke Baker