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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Wedding Bands

Do you have a wedding on the horizon?

Planning for your wedding is one of the special lifetime moments you will share with your spouse, while your close friends and relatives help you.

It also is one of the most potentially stressful things you will face in your life together. You may be working towards something simple or something elaborate, either way you cannot go about it without a to-do list.

It is easy to forget something without a list. Similarly, you can easily rush through these things and not find a moment to stop and savour everything.

Choosing the perfect wedding bands is one of the significant details not worth overlooking.

Avoid waiting until the last minute and find yourself picking bands in a rush. What you have will be tangible elements that have a lasting impact when you recall your marriage event.

Finding a simple wedding band process is key.

Below are 5 tips that will help make things easy for you when choosing your wedding bands.

The wedding bands

What you pick should be something that you gravitate toward individually and as a couple. Take the time to discuss the metals you like and if you would want to include stones.

Go over the style you want, is it elaborate or simplistic? If you are thinking of diamonds, then keep the 4Cs at the back of your mind.

Also, allow your current and projected lifestyle after you are wedded inform your decision.

Wedding celebrant Margaret Milne says that wearing the ring will most likely be a daily thing, that is why it should not be a band that catches on your clothes or feels uncomfortable. She adds “if you settle for something ornate style with lots of details, then it is wise to consider wearing the ring during special occasions.”

Set a budget

You need to have a budget that will inform your purchase power when it comes to acquiring fine jewellery.

You should include the wedding band in the overall budget for the wedding expenses. Remember what you are to buy will be a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, a purchase to last a lifetime shared with your better half.

That is why it should be held with high esteem, perhaps higher than what you have for your planned cupcake tower or top-shelf champagne. The costs for the rings will vary depending on various factors that include the metal of choice if the bands are inlaid, and the type of stones you want.

To match or not to match?

No rules exist that say you should pick matching wedding bands, explains experienced celebrant Jermaine Clarke. He adds “the ideal approach to deciding on what to choose is to take into consideration your individual tastes and lifestyles and then find similarities that will influence what you get.”

The size will differ since a lady’s ring will be slightly slimmer in width than that of the man. Moreover, the hand size will be a factor worth noting.

And if she wants a more embellished design that will complement her engagement ring and the guy does not fancy jewellery, they still can comprise. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to find one or two elements of the wedding band that will match on both so that they can tie them together visually. It can be the design, stones, inscriptions, or metals.

Make it fun

With an exclusive tip, celebrant Darran Moran says you should use the opportunity to shop for your wedding rings as a bonding experience. He adds “shop as a couple. It will be a nice break from the hectic wedding planning. It should be a special time for the two of you. Looking back you ‘ll see just how close your bond was that you were shopping for a band together.”

A time to go and grab lunch and enjoy some wine and a hearty dinner. You should take your time to research your options but ensure that you do not start the process late.

Begin early, and you will be relaxed when shopping for the wedding bands, and it can turn into a romantic experience leading up to the big day. You will cherish the moments spent together shopping for the band whenever you look at your rings and reminisce about your wedding.


If you have acquired the rings days before the awaited ceremony, then you should ensure that they are kept in a safe place both of you know. They should stay there until you hand them over to the attendant that will hand them over during the ceremony.

And if you want to take off the bands after the wedding, then make sure you keep them safe. Avoid taking off the rings at or next to a sink. Also, do not think of doing this if you are away from home so that you do not misplace the wedding bands.

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Written by: Luke Baker

How long should you stay when visiting Broome for the first time?

Initially built around the pearling business, Broome is popular tourist attraction among Perth residents and other parts of Western Australia. Likewise, it is a featured itinerary of many tourists from abroad, because of the various attractions that it gloats. Among the most evident are Cable Beach, a 22-kilometer extend of white sand washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It also has awesome game fishing opportunities, a wide assortment of watersports including surfing, kayaking and scuba jumping. Lastly, tourists can visit a working pearl farm and witness beautiful pearls are delivered in this delightful side of the world.

In addition to these attractions, they boast plenty of pleasant accommodation options and a wealth of magnificent local restaurants. You will definitely see why so many visitors are eager to visit this beach paradise. The fundamental issue with first-time guests is choosing how long they should stay: an issue we seek to solve with our guide sponsored by Broome Time Accommodation below.


Are you planning to visit Broome soon but unsure how long you must book your accommodation? First, you must consider the various holidays people participate in the world and see if any fit in with your plans.


Traditional Beach Holiday


If you are arranging a holiday getaway for the entire family that implies daily trips to the beach, nights in local restaurants and maybe a couple of trips to local spots of interest, then perhaps one-two weeks would be a good measure of time to spend in Broome.


Kimberley Safari


Travelling out to as a starting point for a Kimberley safari is a great idea. Give yourself 3-4 days in town to chill and witness the beautiful sights before beginning to explore what is one of the last true wild zone areas in the planet.


Surfing Holiday


An extraordinary place to learn how to surf is at Cable Beach. It has an unfaltering supply of smallish, delicate waves all through the dry season. A stay of seven days ought to be the appropriate time for this kind of break.


Game Fishing Holiday


If you intend to appreciate some of the region’s best game fishing with the locals, a long weekend is not a bad choice for first-timers. Meanwhile, if you are truly a sharp fisher you might consider staying an entire week.


Whatever explanations or reasons you have for going to the beautiful town of Broome, you would think that it is easy to get there via plane from Perth. And, if you are looking for some place midway located to stay, you might want to try some of their flawless little resorts.

Initially built around the pearling business, Broome is popular tourist attraction among Perth residents and other parts of Western Australia. Likewise, it is a featured itinerary of many tourists from abroad, because of the various attractions that it gloats. Among the most evident are Cable Beach, a 22-kilometer extend of white sand washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It also has awesome game fishing opportunities, a wide assortment of watersports including surfing, kayaking and scuba jumping. Lastly, tourists can visit a working pearl farm and witness beautiful pearls are delivered in this delightful side of the world.

In addition to these attractions, they boast plenty of pleasant accommodation options and a wealth of magnificent local restaurants. You will definitely see why so many visitors are eager to visit this beach paradise. The fundamental issue with first-time guests is choosing how long they should stay: an issue we seek to solve with our guide sponsored by Broome Time Accommodation below.


Are you planning to visit Broome soon but unsure how long you must book your accommodation? First, you must consider the various holidays people participate in the world and see if any fit in with your plans.


Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Perth

Perth currently scores top billing on the lists of the world’s most inhabitable cities. This dynamic capital of Western Australia challenges its remote area on the southwest shore of this massive state by intensely flaunting its riches, both material and natural. Sprawling King’s Park is a point of convergence of downtown, fine restaurants and boutiques brush shoulders along bustling lanes. Moreover, skyscrapers swarm in the downtown area including a demeanor of general excitement prevails.


Buckle down and play harder could well be the mantra here, and the winding Swan River and string of magnificent shorelines give the ideal play area. Cruising, swimming, fishing, and boating are the usual popular activities. A short bounce from the city, guests can escape to ideal Rottnest Island and wildlife-rich national parks. At the mouth of the Swan River, the noteworthy port of Fremantle is the namesake of the well-known Fremantle Doctor, a cool ocean breeze that impacts the late summer heat from this bubbling and affluent city which Link Airport, a care hire service gladly serves.


King’s Park and Botanic Garden


Bragging lovely views of the Swan River and Darling Range, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a desert spring of peace near the heart of the city. This thousand-acre park harbors a decent variety of native plants and birds. The botanic garden is dedicated to conversion and highlights plants from Western Australia and other Mediterranean atmospheres. Features incorporate an acacia garden, the serene Place of Reflection, and a water garden that reproduces a Darling Range river.


Swan River


Locals believe that the rainbow serpent, “Waugal” made this winding river. It is the ideal setting for outdoor play. Tourists/visitors can picnic in the riverside parks, bicycle or climb along the many trails, cast a fishing line, sail, swim, or kayak. Another prevalent day trip is a voyage upriver to the fruitful shores of the Swan Valley, Western Australia’s most established grape-manufacturing region. Here, foodies can have samples of fresh local products and nourishments at the highly acclaimed eateries.




Sun enthusiasts can choose a pack of delightful beaches in and around Perth. Not as much as a 15-minute drive from the downtown area, pine-bordered Cottesloe is one of Perth’s most famous strands with its crystal waters and flourishing bistro culture. Port Beach is additionally a top pick, and City Beach has a kids’ play area and a lot of picnic alcoves. Trigg Point has one of Perth’s ideal and most solid surf breaks and Scarborough is another top spot to ride the waves. Further, the shores of Rottnest Island and Penguin Island offer phenomenal snorkeling and are incredible for great family day tours.


St. Mary’s Cathedral


Developed more than three centuries, St Mary’s Cathedral is a great neo-Gothic church sanctified in 1865 and revamped extensively through the years. The site for the house of God was incorporated into the principal design of Perth in 1838. Reminiscently lit around evening time, the church building is a relieving spot to get away from the hustle around the city. Intrigued tourists can join a tour through the building on Tuesdays.


Western Australian Museum


The Western Australian Museum divulges the region’s natural and social history with a massive array of exhibits designed to inspire and delight visitors. Maybe the best feature of their attraction is the extensive collection of native ancient artifacts. Different displays run from jewels to dinosaurs and butterflies to birds. Likewise, inside the museum complex, guests can witness the old jail, manufactured by convict labor in 1853 and utilized as a jail and place of execution until 1888.

5 Reasons Why Custom Wardrobes Are Worth The Investment

Regardless of whether it’s a walk-in or built-in, wardrobes are more than a storage of dresses and different items. They’re a home addition that transforms a room from in different ways. The best wardrobe can offer more usable space in the room whilst maximizing storage room. Also, it gives the room modern and spacious appearance. In any case, the advantages of bespoke wardrobes convey upon various factors which includes design, quality, sustainability and functionality. This implies the owner must to install the best built-in closet for their bedroom space which Lifestyle Wardrobes can build for you.


Custom Wardrobes are Manufactured Precisely for Each Bedroom Space


The total opposite of mass-manufactured furniture from different perspectives, customized closets are designed particularly for every bedroom space in which they’re installed. When you have implicit or walk-in closets intended for your rooms, they’re made to the right dimensions of the space that they will settle in. That implies they fit flawlessly into the measurements of the space, amplifying every trace of the area which enables you to store more clothing and personal things while enjoying a spacious room.


High-Quality, Custom-Made Furniture Yields a Longer Lifespan


Like all furniture, high-quality closets that have been specially crafted and made for the space in which they will be installed convey more durability, life span and, thus, an extended life expectancy. This isn’t just because of the utilization of better quality materials, but also giving attention to detail, the care and the enthusiasm that goes into the manufacture of flawless, bespoke bedroom furniture.


Custom-Made Furniture Adds Equity to Residential Properties


The right customized closets can add value to your home, empowering you to recover a high level of your interest in high-quality bedroom furniture when you sell. Normally, this is reliant on different various elements, including the sustainability of the wardrobes in relation to bedrooms, their condition and functionality at the season of sale and the quantity of rooms with built-ins.


Custom-Built Wardrobes Provide Space-Saving Benefits


The space-saving benefits that built-in furniture gives in contrast with freestanding furniture are generally known, making built-in closets a phenomenal method for boosting space, both storage space and usable space. This is particularly the case with little or irregular-shaped rooms, yet it’s in all your best interests to amplify space in each room, regardless of size.


With the best built-in closets, a ‘comfortable’ bedroom winds up plainly airier and roomier. This builds up its usability while offering adequate space for storage. Also, as specially designed built-in closets can be one end to the other, floor to ceiling, end board to end board or installed in a current break, among other installment alternatives, they’re the perfect storage arrangement, paying little heed to the room’s size or layout.


Custom Furniture Specialists are Customer-Orientated


For homeowners looking for the ideal room storage solution, one that will maximize both capacity and usable space, working with customer-centered agents is essential. When you consider mass-created furniture, the sales staff might be accommodating and friendly. Yet, they’ll never have the capacity to convey the extraordinary customer experience some custom furniture professionals take pride in conveying.

The Right Fashion On A Yacht Cruise

So you have found a cruising yacht to voyage the waters of the iconic Sydney Habour and that’s great! Now the question lies: What should you wear on a yacht cruise?


Before getting anxious, we can guarantee you that you are in for a remarkable experience regardless of what you choose to wear. In any case, for your own safety and comfort, we do have a few closet recommendations that we figure anyone can learn from. Because, while it may be enticing to get dressed up in your most luxurious clothing, it must be said that our fashion items are frequently not the most practical.


Moreover, here are a few tips on what you must wear on a charter boat cruise of Sydney Harbour which East Coast Sailing can confirm:



Consider Soft-soled Non-marking Footwear


Prepare your beach legs by considering on practical footwear and leaving the stilettos at home. This is due to the fact that most of our Sydney boat and yacht rentals feature smooth deck surfaces. We highly discourage wearing high heels with hard bottoms. Further, this type of footwear offers little traction and can be really dangerous should you lose your footing. Also, it can harm our yachts, catamarans and boats.


A wiser choice would be any comfortable, soft-soled non-marking shoes with lots of grip. For instance, here are suitable footwear:

  • Boat shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sailing boots
  • Soft-soled sandals
  • Non-marking indoor shoes


For sure you want to feel the wind between your toes while on the cruise. It is definitely okay to be barefoot in some areas on our boats. However, remember that there are many things on board that may stub on your toes. So, we request that you take caution when moving without wearing shoes.


Wear Comfortable Clothes That Don’t Limit Your Movements


Likewise, you will need to wear clothing that are as useful as they are stylish. Loose-fitting clothes are an easy win, as they enable you to move about the boat effectively. In light of Sydney’s eccentric climate, we likewise recommend bringing a windproof coat and layering up so that you can acclimate to weather conditions as they change.


Remember that it’s typically a couple degrees cooler adrift than it is ashore, so be cautious and wrap up slightly cozier than you think is essential.




We can arrange your yacht skipper to stop at dazzling harbor bay for a swim, but please bring your own towel and swimmers. The towel is likewise useful for those sun lovers who need to lay on the decks to take a shot at their sun tan.


Be Sun Smart


Regardless of the season, you’ll need to ensure you’re very much protected from the sun amid your Sydney Harbor yacht voyage. Bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to remain comfortable out in the sun.


Other things


Other items you might want to bring on a yacht cruise include cameras, and other gadgets. Smart phones can also be used in taking pictures or listening to your own music. Most yachts have blue tooth connection to the sound system.


Are you looking to charter a yacht and cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour? You may inquire and make a booking today! Also, please read the Terms & Conditions regarding your charter.

What is an Au Pair and How Does Au Pairing Work?


An au pair is a young adult, often female, who travels to another country to provide live-in childcare for a family. The au pair has many responsibilities similar to a live-in nanny, such as entertainment, homework help, meal preparation, household chores, and more. Put simply, the au pair provides an extra set of hands and eyes for the family they are living with.

How is having an au pair different than having a nanny?

Au pairs are generally much younger than nannies. The average au pair is typically between the ages of 18-26. Au pairs also tend to only work for about a year, while nannies often make a career out of childcare.


Whether interested in becoming an au pair or hiring one, there are many business designed to facilitate an exchange. A quick Internet search pops up with a plethora of websites offering au pair matching services, such as “smartaupairs” and “AuPairCare.” Many of these websites also provide resources for both au pairs and their host families, from advice to choosing an au pair to suggestions for activities to do with children. In this day and age it is so much easier to connect with and communicate with people all around the world, so it’s no surprise how easy it’s become to be an au pair.

The stipend for au pair work depends on the host family, the au pair, how the au pair was hired, and what country the au pair will be working in. Certain websites that assist in coupling au pairs to host families have certain requirements for pay. For example, “AuPairCare” states their au pairs will earn around $10,000 for one year of work. Through that service they also receive travel insurance and the opportunity to earn a tuition scholarship. The U.S. State Department defines the starting salary for an au pair to be $195.75 a week.

The Benefits of Becoming an Au Pair

A big draw to being an au pair is the opportunity for cultural exchange. Many young people want to travel the world but don’t have the means to do so. By being an au pair, they are being paid to travel to another country. Similar to a study abroad experience, the au pair gets to be completely immersed in the culture by living with a host family and participating in everyday activities. The au pair truly becomes a part of the family, bonding with both the parents and the children.

What are the costs of being an au pair?

There is no cost for room and board, and the host family often covers food as well, leaving all earnings as a bonus. Au pair contracts often include days off and sometimes have holidays, so the au pair has the opportunity to sight-see. Some au pair programs provide up to 30 days of paid travel at the beginning or end of an au pair’s year of service, giving them even more of an opportunity to explore the country and all it has to offer. An au pair can be from and go to just about any country.

Being an au pair is also an educational experience. If there is a particular culture or country you would like to know more about, being an au pair is a great way to do that. You even have the opportunity to teach your host family and the people you meet about your own country. There also can be opportunities to take classes while abroad, which can be beneficial if the au pair is still in school. The experience is a great resume booster, as well.

At a young age we are still learning about ourselves and defining who we are. By travelling to another country an au pair is given the opportunity to be independent. Being in another culture allows them to be exposed to new ideas and opinions, which helps them to shape their own outlook on life. They will come away from the experience with a better understanding of others and themselves.

The Benefits of Becoming a Host Family


The relationship between an au pair and their host family is a symbiotic one; both receive great benefits from the arrangement. No matter the size or shape of a family, all parents can agree there are times when they could use a little bit of extra help: a single mother needing someone to watch her kids while she’s at work, two parents with four kids who can’t seem to wrangle them all, a family who would like to expand their family for their only child – the possibilities are endless.

The basic responsibility of an au pair is to help their host family with their daily routine as well as childcare. While the au pair tidies up, makes dinner, and picks the kids up from school, the host family has that much extra time to work on things they need to get done.

Far cheaper than hiring a live-in nanny

In addition, hosting an au pair can be much cheaper than hiring a live-in nanny or taking children to daycare. While au pairs make $250 or less a week, a nanny can run from $300 to $800 a week, depending on experience. Occasionally nannies can set rigid schedules as well, while an au pair tends to be fairly adaptable.

In most exchanges the au pair and the host family work together to come up with a list of responsibilities at the beginning of the program. However, because the au pair lives in-home with the host family, schedules are flexible and easily changeable. If an unexpected meeting comes up at work, the au pair is already there to watch the kids.


An au pair isn’t just an extra set of hands around the house. They become a part of the family, bonding with the parents and children they are living with. The au pair becomes like an older brother or sister to play with, trust, and love. Such as when hosting an exchange student, hiring an au pair gives a host family the opportunity to learn about another culture and another language. This is especially beneficial to children who don’t have much experience with cultures beyond their own.


Au pair work brings together families and young adults who are interested in broadening their horizons. There are clear benefits for both parties. It is important to do your research whether you are interested in becoming an au pair, or hiring one, in order to make the most out of your relationship. Invest the time necessary to find the perfect fit for you. There’s a whole world out there to explore!

Which countries are best for Au Pairs

While an au pair can find work in just about any country, it is important to consider logistics such as visas, insurance, and travel arrangements. It is important to do research when looking to become an au pair as some countries have official au pair programs, while others do not. However, even if a country doesn’t have an official program, they may still have guidelines for au pair work. For example, there is not a program in the U.K., but the Home Office still sets a salary of 70-85 GPB per week. If money is a concern, make sure to check conversion rates. At the time of writing this article, for example, it is financially more beneficial to be an au pair in the U.S. than in the U.K.


Here are some countries recommended by previous au pairs:

Germany: While Germany does not have a structured au pair program, it does offer a visa to au pairs between the ages of 18-24 who have basic knowledge of the German language. A test is required when applying for the visa. Host families are required to pay the au pair a minimum of 260 euros a month.

Australia: There is no au pair program or visa, but Australia does offer a working holiday to non-citizens who are 18-30 years old. There is no guideline for salary, but au pairs tend to make somewhere between $150-$250 AUD a week.

United States: The U.S. does have an au pair program, and anyone interested in working as an au pair must find work through an official agency. There are 14 agencies that can be found listed on IAPA (International Au Pair Association). The au pair must be between 18-26 and know English well, as well as pass a background check. They earn a minimum of $195.75 a week.

Switzerland: For au pair work in Switzerland, non-EU residents who are age 18-25 can get a visa and work for up to one year in the country. They earn between 700-800 Swiss francs a month. In addition, the host family must pay for at least half of a language class for the au pair.

Canada: Canada does not have a program for au pairs, but it does have a working holiday visa, which is called “International Experience Canada.” The au pair must be between 18-35 years old and be from one of 27 different countries, a list of which can be found online. The salary generally ranges from $235 to $290 a week.

Denmark: As opposed to a visa, Denmark offers a permit to au pairs who are between 17 and 29 years old. The au pair is paid approximately 3,050 DKK (the currency of Denmark) a month and host families generally pay for insurance and the au pair’s flight home at the end of the stay.