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The Benefits of Becoming an Au Pair

A big draw to being an au pair is the opportunity for cultural exchange. Many young people want to travel the world but don’t have the means to do so. By being an au pair, they are being paid to travel to another country. Similar to a study abroad experience, the au pair gets to be completely immersed in the culture by living with a host family and participating in everyday activities. The au pair truly becomes a part of the family, bonding with both the parents and the children.

What are the costs of being an au pair?

There is no cost for room and board, and the host family often covers food as well, leaving all earnings as a bonus. Au pair contracts often include days off and sometimes have holidays, so the au pair has the opportunity to sight-see. Some au pair programs provide up to 30 days of paid travel at the beginning or end of an au pair’s year of service, giving them even more of an opportunity to explore the country and all it has to offer. An au pair can be from and go to just about any country.

Being an au pair is also an educational experience. If there is a particular culture or country you would like to know more about, being an au pair is a great way to do that. You even have the opportunity to teach your host family and the people you meet about your own country. There also can be opportunities to take classes while abroad, which can be beneficial if the au pair is still in school. The experience is a great resume booster, as well.

At a young age we are still learning about ourselves and defining who we are. By travelling to another country an au pair is given the opportunity to be independent. Being in another culture allows them to be exposed to new ideas and opinions, which helps them to shape their own outlook on life. They will come away from the experience with a better understanding of others and themselves.

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